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Police are four times more likely to stop transgender people for “reasonable suspicion”


transgender inmates, california, lawsuit, Woman II Woman, Women’s Liberation Front, TERFs A new draft report from the California Attorney General’s office indicates transgender people in the state are stopped by police at vastly different rates than cisgender men and women.

The report is based on data reported from 58 of the state’s largest law enforcement agencies and shows transgender people were stopped because of “reasonable suspicion” alone —instead of a specific violation or clearly unlawful behavior — in nearly half the stops.

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For transgender people, the proportion of “reasonable suspicion” stops was 44%, or four times the ratio for cisgender people.

The data includes all people stopped by police, regardless of whether the officers were responding to a potential offense they observed or to a call for service.

California requires police departments to report the demographic data of every driver, bicyclist, or pedestrian they stop, including perceived race, gender, and approximate age.The new state data shows that transgender women are stopped due to an officer’s “reasonable suspicion” in more than 45% of encounters when they were stopped in 2021. Trans men were stopped for the same reason 43% of the […]

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