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Polish court abolishes 4 “LGBT-free zones” citing European Union treaty


Poland, Gniezno – 13 April 2019. Police during a Gay Pride in the first capital of Poland Photo: Shutt A Polish court ruled earlier this week that four so-called “LGBT-free zones” must be abolished. The areas were established in 2019, according to Reuters , when local authorities throughout the predominantly Catholic country declared themselves free of “LGBT ideology,” and banned the promotion of homosexuality and other minority sexual identities, especially in schools.

Previously a lower court had ruled against nine such local resolutions, while the European Commission has said that they may violate European Union non-discrimination laws.

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Last September, the Commission wrote to five Polish regional councils warning that declaring themselves LGBT-free zones could impact E.U. funding.

“The Commission would like to stress that declaring LGBTIQ-free/unwelcome territories, workplace or services constitutes an action that is against the values set out in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union,” the letter read. An E.U. source reportedly confirmed that municipalities with such discriminatory policies would not receive funding for infrastructure, environmental initiatives, and other initiatives.

In 2019, Gazeta Polska, a far-right nationalist weekly magazine in Poland that supports the […]

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