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Political Power Often Shields Corrupt Politicians From Prosecution for Their Crimes


Corruption and abuse of power among politicians in the U.S is risking the values of the nation and affecting the trust of the citizens. Penalizing and applying justice should never be based on the weight of the power the person carries. But this is not the always the case in the nation today, and has been proven locally by the fact that former Roanoke City Council Robert Jeffery was granted a bond by the judge just a few months after being indicted and jailed for embezzlement.

There is no argument about Mr. Jeffery’s conviction but looking across the nation we realize that often those who have political power are often protected to avoid justice for their committed crimes and corruption.

Hunter Biden is perhaps the best present day national example of someone who through his father, Joe Biden has been involved in a financial overseas deal which led to millions of dollars in personal financial gain. Now, Joe Biden is clearly using his political power to cover up the scandalous conduct and the many unlawful acts. Those with less political power, however, are easily taken down and prosecuted.

It is obvious that many obstacles are set in front of the system to […]

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