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Politics represents obstacle to scientific progress


Bureaucratic regulations impede crucial discoveries in the 21st century I would like to start by reminding you readers of last week’s opinion issue, in which Cap McLiney considered the positive ramifications of federalist principles that the United States government has upheld since the era of our Founding Fathers. For the most part, I can sympathize with his sentiment. However, I would like to examine the key aspect of his argument which prioritizes individual agency within organized society.

In Cap’s article, the individual agency he addresses is represented by entities such as citizens and the state governments. Each has the liberty to choose what is best for them, personally under a central government. I would like to tackle a similar topic of devolution, but instead, I will replace the former subject with individual companies. Because Cap implies that a small government is the result of a healthy republic, I would like to make the point that economic liberalism produces a similar result.

Companies and their respective industries motivate the progress of civilization. It is the collaboration of thinkers and tinkerers that make up the neural networks of companies, which in turn produce great scientific innovations. In spite of this theoretical truth, we […]

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