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Post-Christmas, 24 U.S. States Are Under “Extreme Weather Alerts” Thanks to Climate Change


The end of 2021 hasn’t exactly been kind. Coronavirus cases have spiked tremendously, and yesterday, extreme weather alerts have been issued to 24 U.S. states. Extremely cold temperatures, sleet, blizzards, and even avalanches were predicted for Tuesday, Dec. 28 countrywide. And as you’d probably expect, meteorologists and weather experts nationwide are attributing all of this to none other than climate change.

“Twenty-four states were on alert for extreme winter weather Tuesday, as heavy snow caused power failures across the Northwest and blizzards dumped feet of snow in the Midwest, severe weather patterns that have been linked to climate change,” Zachary Snowdon Smith of Forbes wrote in a recent article. “… although 2022 is predicted to be one of the hottest years on record, reaching temperatures 1.96 degrees over pre-industrial averages, intense winter weather may continue.”

“As well as harming infrastructure and setting back businesses, extreme and variable weather directly impacts human health, increasing deaths through stroke and myocardial infarction,” it continued.

Keep reading for more on the blizzards that are quite literally taking the U.S. by storm — and how these conditions are being induced by global warming. Half the country is under warning for extreme weather right now.

Conditions across most […]

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