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Prannoy Roy’s Townhall With Amartya Sen On Economy, Farm Laws: Full Transcript


New Delhi:

NDTV : Hello and welcome once again to this series of four Town Halls, in which we listen to and we all learn from great minds on what can India expect now, after the Pandemic. This is the fourth and the last of this series of Town Halls, and it is a very special one too. We are really lucky to have with us Professor Amartya Sen. In fact, this half an hour is an amalgamation of excerpts from two one-on-one short chats with Professor Sen. Professor Sen, thank you very, very much for joining us and sparing the time. I really know how hard you’re working. But you really do set a bad example for all us Bengalis, working so hard. That’s just not right.

Prof Amartya Sen: Not sure I set any example. But I am delighted you say that.

NDTV : So, you work till four o’clock every morning and you’re about to start again.

Prof Amartya Sen: As they say in Bengal, I could see you at four o’clock at night, but not four o’clock in the morning.

NDTV : That’s a good one. I must remember that. So, shall we start, […]

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