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Primary care reimagined: A virtual front door to healthcare


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Virtual primary care understands a patient’s needs over time, proactively navigating them to the right care – whether for urgent needs, specialty care, a wellness visit or beyond. Rob Bressler, senior vice president, Primary360, at Teladoc Health Many healthcare consumers today are disconnecting from traditional primary care as the current experience is not meeting consumers’ expectations, some industry observers say.

And when consumers disengage, the promise of traditional primary care cannot be realized, which results in increased ER and urgent care usage, undiagnosed chronic conditions, unmet mental health needs, and more problems, they add.

Rob Bressler, senior vice president, Primary360, at Teladoc Health, contends virtual primary care inspires lasting relationships between patients and providers through a longitudinal care plan, continuous care team support and a unified whole-person experience.

Health plans leveraging virtual primary care, he continues, can better close gaps in care, lower costs, deliver better clinical outcomes and expand access to care. Healthcare IT News sat down with Bressler to talk about how he would reimagine primary care in an era where telehealth has gone mainstream, and how this reimagined primary care can close care gaps, lower costs and deliver improved outcomes. Q. You are big on […]

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