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Prioritizing Access to Healthcare for U.S. Immigrants and Families



The United States continuously sees an increase in foreign immigrants, most of which come into the country with family members. However, there has been a disparity in access to healthcare by immigrants when placed side by side with American citizens.

“Access to healthcare services can greatly increase the quality of life of immigrants,” says immigration attorney Zaira Solano of Solano Law Firm, LLC. Affordable healthcare services are not available for most immigrants in the states. Children of immigrants have also not fared better in accessing healthcare as there has been a disparity in access to healthcare between them and children of citizens. Access to Healthcare by U.S. Immigrants

Data gathered from the U.S. census have shown a significant disparity in healthcare insurance between native-born citizens and immigrants. According to the data, immigrants who are non-citizens are said to be three times less likely to have health insurance than citizens.

Additionally, the discrepancy in the number of immigrants with health insurance is also apparent between recent immigrants and those who migrated years ago. This disparity can be due to the fact that with time, immigrants find better jobs with higher pay and are capable of paying for health insurance. […]

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