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Proposed Faculty “Re-education” Should Address the Real Issues

Everyone recognizes that Day Hall is being challenged by the anti-racism movement, but this week’s proposal for faculty re-education creates more problems than it solves.

Last July, President Pollack asked the Faculty Senate to start “Development of a new set of programs focusing on the history of race, racism and colonialism in the United States, designed to ensure understanding of how inherited social and historical forces have shaped our society today, and how they affect interactions inside and outside of our classrooms, laboratories and studios. All faculty would be expected to participate in this programming and follow-on discussions in their departments.” The request was made in response to demands in online petitions. The Dean of the Faculty then appointed a group of radical students and some anti-racist faculty to develop a proposal which was released on April 5 and will be up for a Faculty Senate debate on April 14.

The group shifted the President’s goal to include mandatory faculty education to help “faculty learn to communicate effectively across the differences that they will encounter as they go about their work.” In an exercise of raw political power, the proposal would force independent-minded scholars to spend 1.5 to 2 hours per […]

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