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Proposed New Immigration Measure Will Benefit The Economy


The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed historic legislation, the Build Back Better Act , a sweeping and ambitious social spending measure that touches on practically every facet of live from education, labor, and child care to health, taxes, and the environment. It is not an immigration bill and in truth the immigration provisions contained in it do little to bring about woefully needed changes to our nation’s archaic immigration laws, the foundation of which date back more than half a century. But while the bill doesn’t provide a path to citizenship that many advocates had hoped for, it does include some important provisions that will have a significant impact on the lives of immigrants and their families.

One such provision is the recapturing of unused visa numbers or green cards. Until recently, this was a seldom-talked about area of immigration that I have advocated strongly for over the past decade. I have written extensively about it, spoken about it at length, and have been part of many advocacy efforts to see it come to pass. Why? Because as an immigration lawyer, I see up close how our failure to reclaim these visas affects the lives of not just the […]

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