The Truth is Powerful

Protests in Colombia for peace, equity and social justice. The difficult situation according to the voice of Slow Food Colombia

I remember the first time that I was invited to participate in Terra Madre in 2006: In his speech welcoming the food communities around the world to Turin, Carlo Petrini spoke of the power of the gesture, this subtle but powerful statement was an air of encouragement to the path that I had started a year ago, bringing together my concerns as agronomist and cook, about the power of food, the symbolic power that holds a cook to name the identity of a territory and culture, that holds a gesture in the kitchen to change the reality of a place, the power we have as agents that act in the field to recognize work and peasant identity, the power that citizens have from our daily acts to influence the future of the planet.

We believe in a society where peasant work is justly recognised, where the diversity of our culture strengthens us and where there is no reason to ignore it, criminally point it out or make it invisible as this government has done.

We march because the imperfection of this “democracy” has ceased to represent our voice, because we believe that a society where people dissent […]

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