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Proving who you are online is still a mess. And it’s not getting better


Think about all the scanning-and-printing time you lost the last time that you were asked to prove your address, right to reside or latest exam result. Or worst – the frustration of having forgotten your driver’s license when buying a bottle of wine.

Even as technology achieves new wonders every day, there is a task that remains stubbornly time-consuming and all-too-often frustrating: proving our own identities.

For the past two decades, the UK government has looked at ways to enable people to easily and reliably identify themselves, with little success. Unlike in other countries, a national ID card to carry around in your pocket now seems to be firmly off the table ; but instead, the concept of creating a “digital identity” is gathering pace.

Rather than digging through piles of archived paper-based documents, a digital identity would let people instantly prove certified information about themselves, flashing their credentials, for instance, through an app on their phone.

SEE: Building the bionic brain (free PDF) (TechRepublic)

Although the concept is not new, the idea is gaining renewed attention. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports (DCMS), in fact, recently unveiled plans to create what it called a digital identity “trust framework” . […]

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