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Public health emergency will continue beyond July, Bloomberg reports


Heidi West, head of Zoom for Healthcare, and Ron Emerson, Global Healthcare Strategy Lead for Zoom, speak during ATA2022 in Boston while Beth McLaughlin, product RR manager, joins by Zoom. The Department of Health and Human Services will extend the public health emergency beyond the current end date of July 15, Bloomberg has reported.

Whether this means another 90-day extension, which would end the PHE on October 13, or a shorter extension date is unknown, as HHS had made no official announcement.

HHS has promised to give providers 60 days notice of the end of the PHE. This week – by some reports, yesterday – was the deadline for HHS to provide the 60 days’ notice if the public health emergency was to end on July 15.

Amid a rising number of cases and hospitalizations, the American Hospital Association , American Medical Association and at least a dozen other provider organizations asked HHS to keep the PHE designation until it is clear that the global pandemic has receded and the capabilities authorized under the PHE are no longer necessary.

But the end of the PHE, whenever it happens to be, means telehealth waivers granted under the public health emergency – which have […]

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