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Public lands & the climate crisis: Storms and flooding


Blog Rescue operations in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which attribution studies have linked to climate change Public lands and waters should be part of the solution

This blog is part of a blog series that connects the dots between public lands and the climate crisis.

The Atlantic hurricane season last year went down as the third most active and one of the most destructive in history, according to the National Hurricane Center. Hurricane Ida alone, which made landfall in Louisiana, killed 87 people and led to $75 billion in damages . Ida’s winds, rains and flooding destroyed buildings, damaged homes and led to widespread power outages.

While scientists are still studying the connection between climate change and hurricanes, the data show that warmer waters are likely increasing evaporation rates and intensifying wind speeds in the ocean. Climate change experts believe these conditions could be giving ocean storms a “boost”—tropical storms are now more likely to become full-on hurricanes. A recent study , published in the journal Nature, found that human-induced climate change fueled stronger, wetter storms during the record-breaking 2020 Atlantic hurricane season. Warmer waters likely cause conditions that give ocean storms a “boost” and make them more […]

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