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Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative Discontinues Testing of Aerpio Pharmaceutical’s Razuprotafib in I-SPY COVID Trial


SAN FRANCISCO and CINCINNATI, March 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Quantum Leap Healthcare Collaborative (QLHC), the sponsor of the I-SPY COVID Trial, will not proceed with further testing of the Aerpio Pharmaceuticals drug, razuprotafib. Razuprotafib was chosen for testing in the I-SPY COVID Trial because it is hypothesized to stabilize and repair the blood vessels in the lung and improve gas exchange. (PRNewsfoto/Quantum Leap Healthcare Collabo) The I-SPY COVID Trial is a Phase II adaptive platform trial that is testing agents that show promise for reducing the risk of death from and severity of illness for people who become critically ill after contracting COVID-19. The purpose of the trial is to rapidly screen multiple agents to find those with the best chance of effectively improving outcomes for those critically ill. The I-SPY COVID Trial now includes 18 sites as well as leaders in pulmonary and critical care centers from around the country who are working to identify and test new agents to improve patient outcomes.

The sponsor halted testing of Aerpio’s razuprotafib in the I-SPY COVID Trial because it was challenging to administer in the setting of COVID-19, with 30% of patients discontinuing the agent due to disease-related hypotension, including protocol-mandated […]

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