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Quantum technologies can transform innovation and mitigate climate change – here’s how

Google is part of a growing number of big tech companies developing quantum computers. Current energy-hungry technologies are struggling to deal with our increasing appetite and need for web-based information.

Exciting innovations using quantum technology, in the exploration of vaccines and climate change, have the power to outperform any existing technologies.

“If you can think about quantum theory without feeling dizzy, you haven’t understood the first thing about it.” This quote from Niels Bohr stems from a conversation he had in Copenhagen, in 1952, with Werner Heisenberg and Wolfgang Pauli, two of his fellow key founders of quantum mechanics. Since this conversation, quantum theory and the resulting technologies have indeed become transformative for our lives, leading to lasers, transistors, and smart phones. We have every reason to believe that future inventions based on emerging quantum technologies will revolutionize computational powers and be transformative for several sectors. What are quantum technologies?

Quantum technologies are engineered systems which utilize the quantum properties of photons, electrons, atoms, or molecules. Quantum properties essential for such technologies are entanglement, superposition and tunneling.

A quantum simulator is a quantum system dedicated to reproducing the behaviour of another system where quantum phenomena are important. One […]

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