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Racial Disparities Persist Among Women With Endometrial Cancers in Equal-Access Healthcare Systems


While looking at data from an equal-access healthcare system, researchers saw continuing racial disparities for overall survival (OS) outcomes between Black women with endometrial cancer (EC) and White women with EC suggesting that factors other than access to care are driving this disparity, according to research from Gynecologic Oncology . 1

Previous studies have shown that the mortality rate for Black women with EC is double that of White women with WC, even though the overall incidence rate is lower among Black women. These studies have also shown that unequal access to care is a factor in these disparities, however, researchers wanted to see what the survival outcomes looked like in an equal-access health care system. Therefore, they used data from the Military Health System (MHS), which provides equal care to its beneficiaries regardless of their racial or ethnic background.

Researchers found, however, that despite compiling data from an equal-access system and adjusting for age, diagnosis period, tumor stage, tumor histology/grade, and whether the patient had adjuvant treatment, the OS disparity between Black and White women with EC persisted (HR, 1.64; 95% CI, 1.19-2.27). Moreover, a multivariable analysis stratified by tumor features and treatment showed that the racial disparity was […]

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