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Randy Hoffman: A different view of climate change, gun violence


Based on the prevalence in the news media, it is obvious that two of the hottest issues in our country right now are global climate change and gun violence. These topics seem to wax and wane through time, emerging when there is a mass shooting or exceptionally warm weather during the summer. Yet, there has been little significant improvement over a span of several decades, despite the amount of attention, and legislation. Perhaps we are not digging deep enough to understand the dilemma, or perhaps the real solutions are not palatable to the general public, and therefore to politicians that are more interested in getting elected than to vote on unpopular solutions.

Regarding global warming, it seems to be largely accepted that greenhouse gas emission is the major contributor to the problem. According to the EPA, the two largest contributors to these emissions come from transportation (27%, with the main culprit being automobiles) and electricity production (25%), the latter of which comes mostly from burning coal and natural gas. Despite this fact, the general public is not willing to give up the automobile as the primary source of transportation. Commuting long distances to work seems to be common practice. When […]

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