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Ransomware is now a national security risk. This group thinks it knows how to defeat it

Why is ransomware such a big threat and how do you defend your network against it?

Ransomware is a growing international problem and it needs global cooperation in order to prevent attacks and take the fight to the cyber criminals behind the disruptive malware campaigns.

A paper by the Institute for Security and Technology’s (IST) Ransomware Task Force (RTF) – a coalition of cybersecurity companies, government agencies, law enforcement organisations, technology firms, academic institutions and others – has 48 recommendations to help curb the threat of ransomware and the risk it poses to businesses, and society as a whole, across the globe.

Members of the group include Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, the Global Cyber Alliance, FireEye, Crowdstrike, the US Department of Justice, Europol and the UK’s National Crime Agency.

SEE: A winning strategy for cybersecurity (ZDNet special report) | Download the report as a PDF (TechRepublic)

Some of the solutions suggested include governments giving a helping hand to organisations affected by ransomware and providing them with the required cybersecurity support so they don’t fall victim in the first place.Others focus on more direct action, such as taking the fight to ransomware gangs by disrupting their infrastructure, or even regulating Bitcoin and other […]

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