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Readers Write: Climate change, critical race theory, subminimum wage, boorishness


A restaurateur holds his head in his hands outside his business in a town in western Germany after catastrophic flooding there in mid-July. It’s a great start that the Star Tribune Editorial Board has recognized that civilization is accelerating toward disaster and that we need swift action on climate change ( “Weather extremes should spur action,” editorial, July 25). Now it needs to lead the communication on the urgency and opportunities of our situation. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recognized in 2018 that we had less than 12 years to slash greenhouse gas emissions or face a horrific future in which hundreds of millions of people will go hungry, become homeless or perish.

Our news sources are not just for entertainment. They also have a responsibility to inform and arouse people to act. The IPCC scientists shared that limiting temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius would require a fundamental transformation of energy, agriculture, transportation and other sectors of the global economy. Our news sources need a similar transformation.

There are strategies, policies and actions that we must take now, but few of us are aware of them. It is time for the Star Tribune to devote a […]

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