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Readers Write: Goose management in Rochester, Minnesota’s economy, housing

Canada geese in Rochester. State Sen. Dave Senjem recently proposed a yearlong moratorium on state permits that allow goose eggs to be oiled to prevent them from hatching or the use of other methods to destroy them. The pause would allow legislators to discuss whether the methods are acceptable. As a resident of Rochester, I want to thank my city officials for taking the proactive measure to implement the most humane and effective approach to managing our resident Canada goose population (“Senator wants debate on bird-control measures,” May 2).

When faced with an overwhelming number of resident geese (and goose poop), many cities around the state and country resort to roundups and killing geese by gassing them to death in small chambers. Not only is this inhumane, but it’s also actually ineffective, as attractive habitat in the parks will simply be repopulated by additional Canada geese, triggering the need for continued cycles of gassing and killing.

A better alternative is a program that combines egg addling, habitat modification, anti-feeding messaging and aversive conditioning to keep geese away from the areas in which they are causing problems. These solutions are not only more humane than roundups and killing programs, but they are […]

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