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Reasons To Be Optimistic About The Economy And The Environment


Pittsburgh in 1940 and Today. Source: (Top) Pittsburgh City Photographer Collection, 1901–2002, AIS.1971.05, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh. Public domain. (Bottom) Photo by Corey Grau ( What’s the point of saving for the long run if there isn’t going to be one? That question, posed by a young, highly-educated professional woman was relayed to me by Larry Siegel, my most recent guest on the Top Traders Unplugged podcast . What she meant by there being “no long run” is that the cumulative effects of climate change are going to be so severe that the Earth will be nothing but a rotating cinder in 50 years. So, yeah, modern portfolio advice kind of breaks down in that scenario.

Stories like this, and the depressing pessimism that underpin them, motivated Siegel to write Fewer, Richer, Greener: Prospects For Humanity In An Age Of Abundance . His thesis – not only will there be a long run, but the demographic, economic and even environmental data suggest it will be a great time to be alive.

If Siegel was to hire me as a branding consultant I’d suggest changing the order to Richer-Fewer-Greener. The reason has to do with his own succinct summary of […]

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