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Reflect nature’s ‘true value’ in economic policies and decisions, UN chief urges


Nations must start weighing up the cost of economic profit against damage to the environment if they are to have a chance at a sustainable future, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on Tuesday.

The UN chief highlighted that the global economy increased almost fivefold in the past fifty years, but that growth was at a massive cost to the environment. Up to now, humanity has treated nature as a free commodity. The price is climate change, pollution and mass extinction. It is high time to #MakeNatureCount �, and to go beyond GDP as the only measure of economic success (video via @UNDESA ). — UN Climate Change (@UNFCCC) March 1, 2021 “Nature’s resources still do not figure in countries’ calculations of wealth. The current system is weighted towards destruction, not preservation”, he said.

“The bottom line … is that we need to transform how we view and value nature. We must reflect nature’s true value in all our policies, plans and economic systems”, Mr. Guterres urged, adding that by doing so, investment can be directed into actions that protect and restore nature.

“The rewards will be immense”, he said.

The call by the Secretary-General comes as countries convened at the UN Statistical […]

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