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Reimagining the U.S.-Iraq Economic Relationship: 4 Ideas for the Biden Administration


The United States and Iraq must work together to bring about better opportunities and economic prosperity for the Iraqi people to help secure a stable, democratic and growing Iraq. Given its resources, people, history, and resilient democratic governance, Iraq has the elements and the potential to deliver a bright future for its citizens and ultimately through sustained economic growth provide a higher standard of living that is felt throughout society.

The Biden Administration is being led by appointees at the highest levels who have deep experience with Iraq and its challenges. This includes President Joe Biden himself who was responsible for the Iraq portfolio as President Obama’s Vice President. In February, President Joe Biden spoke with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi affirming U.S. support for Iraq’s sovereignty while also highlighting the importance of advancing the U.S.-Iraq Strategic Dialogue and expanding bilateral cooperation.

It is encouraging that the bilateral Strategic Dialogue was invoked in this first call between heads of state. The dialogue is a high-level government-to-government platform that has been utilized by prior Administrations to engage on a range of topics. While security and political issues are certain to remain at the forefront of this Administration’s focus, it is our aspiration […]

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