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Renowned physician speaks on racism in public healthcare during pandemic


Renowned emergency physician Dr. Esther Choo, joined the Boston Public Library and its “Repairing America” series on Feb. 9 to talk about the impacts of racism within the healthcare system.

Choo, who is an associate professor at Brown University and associate director of the school’s Division of Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine, joined Boston Public Library President David Leonard to explore these issues.

Leonard kicked off the session by explaining the library’s decision to host this particular series.

“Repairing America as a theme provides us with the opportunity to engage with issues facing our country and to try to bend our arc of history a little more directly towards justice for all,” said Leonard.

The series hopes to give a voice to those who have been silenced or had their voices diminished because of the color of their skin.

Choo recalled how racism has affected her personal life as an Asian-American. When the pandemic started, her parents planned to fly and asked if they should wear masks. Choo had to tell them that they should wear them for safety, but to also be prepared for the racist comments that could accompany that seemingly small decision.Choo also spoke about her experience with seeing racism […]

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