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Researchers say ‘essential questions remain’ about telehealth’s diagnostic viability


Researchers from the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine released an issue brief this week aimed at exploring the reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation and future prospects of telehealth.

By combining literature reviews and interviews with a wide variety of stakeholders, the team sought to identify the most pressing research questions on how to maximize telediagnosis opportunities – while avoiding possible problem areas.

“We found that telediagnosis has potential, although there is still much to learn about how virtual diagnosis can be done most effectively,” said Suz Schrandt, senior patient engagement advisor at SIDM and principal investigator on the project, in a statement.

“We found that many patients like the convenience of telemedicine, but we also need more research into who is being left behind in the process, such as small practices or people without access to high-speed internet,” Schrandt continued.


As an organization, SIDM focuses on improving diagnosis and eliminating harm from diagnostic error. It partners with stakeholders such as patients, families and members of the healthcare community.The researchers noted that the COVID-19 pandemic triggered an enormous paradigm shift when it comes to certain telehealth needs.”Most available research on telemedicine is focused on the use of virtual care for […]

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