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Resources for parents who have LGBTQ children

Photo credit should read LUIS ROBAYO/AFP via Getty Images These resources have been curated by Micah Porter , an educator and LGBTQ+ sports advocate, in conjunction with the Sports Equality Foundation and Outsports .

The coming-out experience can be incredibly scary for young LGBTQ people. Yet it can also be a daunting journey for the parents, guardians, and family members. Whether they’re supportive and understanding or scared and upset, parents and guardians are a huge part of the coming-out process. And they don’t always know where to turn.

Luckily, millions of parents across the United States and around the world have been on this journey. And much like young LGBTQ people love inspiring and educating one another, many of these parents want to help other parents who might just now be coming to this conversation.

If you are a parent or guardian who suspects their child might be LGBTQ, or whose child has come out to you, here are some resources that can help you navigate conversations and build support for your child.

Some of them are organizations designed to help, and others are specific resources and articles. If one doesn’t hit the mark for you, be sure to keep looking. You’ll […]

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