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Reverse Mortgage Prospects’ Testimonials, Refi Metrics Highlight Education Hurdles

Freddie Marriage via Unsplash Being behind the proverbial “desk” at RMD for nearly three years now has shown me that if there is anything that the reverse mortgage industry says that it’s dedicated to improving and expanding, it is education about the product category and the potential benefits that it can provide to senior clients.

Public relations and education have been major sticking points for the industry for many years, and while the pace of positive progress has shown some recent signs of acceleration, it doesn’t take a whole lot to encourage a swath of people to cast suspicious eyes on the reverse mortgage product, its variations, and by extension the people who champion them.

The most recent example comes from some apparent “testimonials” shared by readers of an American journalistic staple, the Washington Post, published in the outlet for its nearly 2 million readers (across print and digital platforms) to see. Negative press coverage is nothing new for the reverse mortgage industry, but it seems to hit a bit harder when it comes from prominent outlets which the Post certainly qualifies as. WaPo ‘testimonials’ on reverse mortgages

The thing that may be particularly disconcerting to reverse mortgage industry players about […]

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