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Review: A frightening, enlightening new look at climate change and pollution

“The Atlas of Disappearing Places,” by Christina Conklin and Marina Psaros. Photo: The New Press By now we’ve all heard how humanity’s failure to respond to climate change is akin to the apocryphal tale of a frog and a boiling pot of water. You know the story. When placed in boiling water, the frog will immediately jump out. But if the frog is already in the pot and the heat is gradually turned up, the frog will fail to perceive the growing peril and allow itself to be simmered alive.

Point taken. But unlike humanity, that frog has a pretty good excuse: It’s a frog.

After delving into Christina Conklin and Marina Psaros’ engaging and sometimes enraging “The Atlas of Disappearing Places: Our Coasts and Oceans in the Climate Crisis,” you may find it difficult to remain passive about climate change for a whole lot longer. Christina Conklin is the co-author of “The Atlas of Disappearing Places.” Photo: Gemma McCluney The atlas uses Conklin’s beautiful maps, each crafted from a sheet of green macroalgae that she bleached in the sun and transformed into parchment, to illustrate case studies that focus on vulnerable locations around the world. It serves as a compelling […]

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