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Revolting “hurt feelings” employee complaint form for “queers” & “sissies” sparks outrage online


A closeup of the offensive “hurt feelings report” found in an employee breakroom Photo: Reddit A supposed employee complaint form reportedly found in a company breakroom is sparking outrage online. The sheet of paper calls itself a “hurt feelings report” and includes several anti-gay and sexist slurs.

The derogatory posting is obviously not an official corporate document. It has circulated for years, but for some reason, people took it seriously this time.

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The paper asks questions like “Is there permanent feeling damage” and “Did you require a tissue for the tears?”

It also lists several incredibly vile reasons why the report is being filed, including being a “pussy,” “queer,” or “little bitch,” and “my butt is easily hurt.” It also asks the name of the “real man” who committed the offense.

It asks for the name of the “sissy” filing the report and the “girly man signature.”“We, as a company, take hurt feelings very seriously,” it reads. “If you don’t have a mommy that can give you a hug and make it all better, let your supervisor know and we can provide you […]

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