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Rise Broadband Internet Review: Not Bad, for Rural Broadband


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Internet options are harder to come by in rural portions of the country . When exploring what’s available in your area , here’s something you may want to consider: fixed wireless. A fixed wireless connection beams internet signals from nearby cell towers to a small antenna at your home. A modem converts the signals into the internet connection you use for streaming and browsing the web. It’s like satellite internet , only without the high latency and stiff data restrictions or the need to mount a dish. Now, take that technology, add speeds ranging from 25 to 50 megabits per second, unlimited data options and mesh Wi-Fi capabilities and you’ve got Rise Broadband.

Rise Broadband won’t blow you away with high speeds or super-cheap pricing, but you may find the Wi-Fi service and low latency (which, unlike satellite internet, can support online gaming) impressive. That is, of course, if your signal isn’t out due to a thunderstorm or snow shower between your home and the wireless tower. Suppose satellite and DSL are your only other options. In that case, I’d most likely prefer Rise Broadband due to its pricing, relatively faster speeds and data allowances, though […]

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