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Robust economy and climate goals can go hand in hand

by JENNIFER HALEY and MICAH WEINBERG posted 06.09.2021 We do not have to sacrifice our prosperity to achieve California’s climate goals. Quite the opposite is true.

To put California on an equitable and prosperous path to a carbon neutral economy, Gov. Gavin Newsom is proposing a $750 million Community Economic Resilience Fund. California needs this robust investment program to act with the urgency and intention necessary to execute on a successful net zero transition.

This investment will be the catalyst to achieving California’s bold climate goals in a way that generates economic growth and inclusivity. It will empower regions to capitalize on their unique strengths recognizing that California is not a one size fits all state and never has been. And it will create a space for regional stakeholders to collaborate, centering the voices of under-served communities that too often do not have a meaningful seat at the economic planning table. Each of the state’s unique regions will be able to develop meaningful and workable climate solutions while also addressing their specific challenges Getting this right is critical to current and future generations of Californians, particularly communities of color who have not always had equal opportunities to build wealth and often […]

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