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Sampson: Dealing With The Current Political Divide

It is often said that there are few good people in politics. My experience is that it is a mixture much like anything else.

While I certainly have encountered some that I distrusted — and for good reason — I can safely say that some of the finest people I have ever met are also actively involved in electoral politics.

Senator Markley, Representative Mastrofrancesco, and several others come immediately into mind.

However, it is true that fewer and fewer “good” people are likely to take on the task going forward. The job is not for the faint of heart.

Even as little as 10 years ago, political disagreement in America was unlikely to disrupt a friendship, a marriage, or a beer with a neighbor or co-worker.

Clearly it is a little hotter topic today.

As the divergence of the two political ideologies has widened, so the temperature of the conversation has heated up.

There are few things we can agree on anymore, not contemporary public policy, and not even the value of our founding documents.

For someone like me, this is heartbreaking, since my love of politics finds its source in the discourse and debate over right and wrong, moral and immoral, […]

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