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San Francisco Otolaryngology goes all in on precision medicine


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Precision Medicine

The provider organization is improving personalized medication management and health outcomes for senior patients on multiple medications. Clinical leaders at San Francisco Otolaryngology Medical Group identified areas where they could significantly impact the health and quality of life of their senior patients by helping ensure the seniors are able to exercise, are cognitively intact, can engage in social interaction and are safe from falling.


The leaders found they could reverse the effects of early cognition impairment in one-third of their patients by looking closely at diagnoses like diabetes, high blood pressure and depression, as well as the seniors’ sensory systems like vision, hearing and balance.

Medications have a noteworthy influence on these areas and, once patients enter their 60s, many patients take multiple medications, which compounds the risks.”With these insights, we needed a way to better manage patients on multiple medications, as well as tools to ensure all the drugs our patients took were safe and therapeutically effective,” said Dr. Jacob Johnson, president of San Francisco Otolaryngology Medical Group. “This, of course, leads us to pharmacogenomics.” PROPOSAL At its core, pharmacogenomics (PGx) simply represents another lab test to help providers make better clinical […]

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