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Science, climate change, and Arctic amplification

As the world seeks solutions to the global climate crisis, many eyes are turning north — to the Arctic Ocean.

Climate scientists say Artic regions are a key indicator of the changes that have already occurred worldwide and those yet to come. The Arctic has already warmed at least 3 degrees C in the past 50 years, more than most other parts of the world.

Openings in the ocean ice pack are allowing the sun to directly warm the waters there, causing a warming feedback within the region’s ice cover.

Mary-Louise Timmermans , the Damon Wells Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, is a leading investigator of the dynamics and variability of the Arctic Ocean, sea ice, and climate.

YaleNews spoke with Timmermans, who recently gave a presentation about her research to a Yale Planetary Solutions Project symposium, about the role Arctic regions play in addressing climate change. Mary-Louise Timmermans Why have Arctic regions become such a focal point for climate change?

A number of reasons. The loss of Arctic sea ice is now really well documented by satellites. This general trend of less sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean with […]

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