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Science Says Climate Change Might Impact the Availability of Your Favorite Omega-3 Sources and Supplements


Climate change impacts different parts of the world, including our oceans, which might result in shortages of one major nutrient (and its supplement form) down the line: omega-3 fatty acids . Researchers out of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Falmouth, Massachusetts, found that the availability of these healthy fats, via fish and fish oil, might become more limited as our oceans’ temperatures continue to rise.

They reached these findings after surveying planktonic lipids—plankton, which are microscopic plants that fish consume, provide plenty of omega-3 fatty acids—found in the oceans; fish consume lipid-rich plankton, which results in healthy seafood (fish, and fish oil supplements, for that matter, are a main source of omega-3 fatty acids in humans). Ultimately, there will be less ocean-derived omega-3 fatty acids available over the next century, according to the team’s findings, which were published in the journal Science —and that might impact how available the vitamin will be in the future, both through fresh fish and supplementation.

After studying 930 lipid samples from plankton, the research team discovered “unknown characteristics of ocean planktonic lipidomes” across the ocean. “Focusing on 10 molecularly diverse glycerolipid classes, we identified 1,151 distinct lipid species, finding that fatty acid unsaturation (i.e., […]

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