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Scoop: Lindsey Graham is talking to John Kerry about climate — again


“Axios on HBO” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told “Axios on HBO” he intends to “lean into” climate change and that he has already discussed potential common ground with President Biden’s special climate envoy John Kerry.

Behind the scenes: In a follow-up interview with Axios, Graham said Kerry called him in November, around the time Kerry’s new position was announced, to see if there were openings to work together. The State Department did not comment on the discussion Graham described.

The intrigue: Graham has a history on climate with Kerry — but not a successful one. Over a decade ago, he negotiated for months on a sweeping climate bill with then-Democratic senators Kerry and Joe Lieberman.

Back then, the bipartisan senators were dubbed “The Three Amigos,” after the Steve Martin comedy in which silent film actors from Los Angeles accidentally protect a Mexican village from a gang of bandits.

But Graham abruptly walked away from the two Democrats in April 2010, dealing a mortal blow to the legislation that collapsed entirely months later.

Why it matters: If the senior South Carolina Republican makes climate a priority and lobbies his GOP colleagues, it could help chip away at big barriers […]

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