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Scotland needs ‘Google-sized’ changes on economy

Renewable energy has been identified as a sector where Scotland’s economy could have an advantage Scottish politicians should focus their attention on the transition to renewable energy if they are to raise the growth rate, a report has said.

A study of low growth in output and productivity has found economic policy lacks focus and can be too complex.

It forecasts Scotland is on course to see a widening gap with countries such as Norway, the scale of which compares to the entire global output of Google.

However, renewable energy is an area where there could be an advantage.

It says government could focus its industrial policy to supporting the renewable sector, though at a cost to other priorities.

The report, by the Oxford Economics consultancy, states: “It is not implausible to suggest that there are business opportunities that resemble those that generated Silicon Valley, several decades ago.” Scotland: ‘The Saudi Arabia of renewables’? Economy ‘could regain lost ground in two years’ The study says that tax policy – controlled at both Westminster and Holyrood – fails to encourage work, savings or investment.It suggests major changes to the way the tax system is structured, using a broader range of taxes to […]

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