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Seattle Police humiliate Franklin Graham for his years of anti-LGBTQ actions

Franklin Graham Photo: Wikimedia Commons Evangelical leader Franklin Graham wanted to host a “law enforcement appreciation” event with officers in the Seattle Police Department and even said that he’s willing to “welcome” LGBTQ officers to the event.

But after stirring controversy in the city, the Seattle Police Department refused to go, saying it’s “committed to the equality of our community’s LGBTQ members.” Graham is forging ahead, now saying that he wanted “just to have dinner” and that he’s “a Christian, and I believe Jesus Christ is the Way.”

Graham is hosting the event through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, which he is CEO of and is named after his father. The avowed anti-LGBTQ organization was found to be promoting anti-LGBTQ ads on social media sites like Facebook just a few weeks ago.

When he announced the event in early April to be held on May 11 or May 12 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in the Seattle-adjacent city of Bellevue, the Seattle Police Department initially invited officers in the department in a mass email.

But Lorena Gonzalez, president of the Seattle City Council, called the invitation “absolutely a misuse of taxpayer resources” and said it was “alienating our own LGBTQ officers.”

Interim Seattle Police […]

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