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Senate confirms gay man as ambassador to Cameroon. Homosexuality is still illegal there.


Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 10.05.30 AM This week, the U.S. Senate confirmed Christopher Lamora, an out gay man, as the ambassador to Cameroon, even though homosexuality is illegal in the country.

Lamora has been serving as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Ghana, is a longtime member of the Senior Foreign Service, and has held many other diplomatic roles.

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Despite the criminalization of homosexuality in the country, some Cameroonians have celebrated his appointment.

“Incredible Joe Biden. We love you!” said Cameroonian LGBTQ rights attorney Alice Nkom when Biden announced Lamora’s nomination in April. ” “Welcome, Ambassador Christopher Lamora! Welcome to Cameroon, land of tolerance, hospitality and brotherhood!”

In reality though, homosexuality is a criminal offense and it is still being enforced . It can lead to up to five years in prison.Not everyone is as excited about Lamora as Nkom, either. In the wake of his nomination, a Cameroonian Catholic priest, Etienne Bakaba, reportedly released a statement that said the Cameroonian government should refuse to accept Lamora as ambassador due to his sexuality.“In 2015, the Pope refused a gay ambassador to the Vatican,” Bakaba […]

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