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Sending A Call For Innovation In Healthcare Design


When I started my career in the 1980s, the healthcare design industry was on the cusp of dynamic change and the beginning of a “golden age.” At the time, there were very few firms that identified as healthcare practices.

For the most part, architects “looked down their noses” on the building type. None of my college design studios discussed health or well-being, and never hospitals.

But while much has changed since, it hasn’t all been for the better. Evolution of healthcare design

Forty years ago, healthcare design conferences and magazines didn’t exist. Access to information pre-internet wasn’t shared between architects. There was limited discussion or proposed measurement of how facilities could contribute to patient experience, operational improvement, or clinical outcomes.

Idiosyncrasy and customization of hospital departments were often driven by the whims of powerful physicians. Evidence-based design, or as I consider it, “research-informed design,” wasn’t a concept yet. Post-occupancy evaluations happened but weren’t usually shared. And, of course, we didn’t have the graphic tools to document as thoroughly or visualize our designs as freely as we do now.

For all the limitations, there were many positives that don’t exist today. Rather than mimicking precedent facilities, and with fewer healthcare guidelines in place, we […]

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