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Seven ways to make real-time technology real for your organization

Everyone wants or needs to build and manage real-time systems these days. With the move to the edge, and growing reliance on artificial intelligence and machine learning, the power and potential of real-time computing has come to the fore. This calls for greater observability, enhanced leveraging of data, and perhaps most importantly, a well-prepared organization. Is everybody ready for this? Photo: Joe McKendrick First, there’s a need to understand what real-time is — definitions and perceptions of what constitutes real time have been all over the map. “The notion of what real-time means varies depending on who you’re talking to and the specific domain,” says Joseph George , VP of product management with BMC Software . “While real-time in mission-critical environments requires data to be processed within milliseconds or even microseconds, real-time in the context of digital transformation and meeting customer expectations to deliver online services and information may have different requirements.”

Its applications are broad. “Any application requiring instant changes to features based on external factors like user behavior, security or bugs could require real-time capabilities,” says Nick Rendall , product marketing manager of CloudBees . “For example, in a SaaS application where users are able to trial and […]

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