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Sharon Kennedy: Climate change and a U.P. summer


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Now that the phrase “global warming” has taken a back seat to “climate change,” it’s easier for a Doubting Thomas to understand these aren’t just buzzwords. They’re real occurrences and they’re happening worldwide. I’d be satisfied if Michigan’s Upper Peninsula had milder winters with less snow and cooler summers like the one we’re experiencing now.

Of course, by the time you read this it might be 90 degrees in the shade. I’m writing it July 10 and I’m wearing three layers of clothing because it’s cold in my rooms. I won’t turn up the furnace, but I am wearing fingerless woolen gloves.

Three times this summer I’ve pulled my electric blanket off my bed and three times I’ve put it back on. I even plugged in my oil-filled heater a few times to take the chill from my bedroom. Prior to drifting off to dreamland, I turn off the blanket and the heater, but I like the security the blanket offers. If the cold awakens me during the night, I can easily reach the controls and turn on the blanket. Ah, the bliss of a warm bed on a chilly night.

When I was a youngster, I remember brisk mornings, sunny […]

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