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Snakes, Mosquitos and Mice: Pest-Control Companies Grapple with Climate Change


If you aren’t a fan of mosquitos, cockroaches or mice, beware. Experts say we can expect to see a wave of pests and wildlife, courtesy of climate change which is disrupting and prolonging insect lifecycles and sending unwanted wildlife to seek refuge in homes and businesses.

As California endures a historic drought, Alex Trejo of So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal is finding more snakes in swimming pools and near hoses. The snakes can go months without eating, he says, but they need water and the land is dry.

“Their behavior is changing because now the snake has to survive in different ways than it did the last couple of years,” he said Alex Trejo of So-Cal Rattlesnake Removal captures a snake that he will relocate safely. Climate change and California’s drought are sending the snakes in search of water. In Chicago, the city’s rodent problem surpasses New York’s, says a co-owner of A-Rid-A-Pest, Lisa Stuart-Lewis.

“It has become an epidemic, particularly in Chicago,” she said. “And they said we actually surpassed New York, which, you know, that’s saying a lot.”

Wildlife is responding to the changing climate in complex ways and that can mean a boon for pest control companies. Insects, for example, can sometimes […]

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