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Solar companies are resorting to innovative technologies to fight climate change


Solar parks and utility-scale projects are significant areas for innovation and climate change. By Rahul Gupta,

Climate change is happening right now and is real. It affects the planet in several ways, including making it warmer, disrupting weather patterns, and melting polar ice caps. A 2021 study found that 98.7% of climate experts indicated that the earth is getting warmer primarily because of human activity.

There is overwhelming evidence that human activity, particularly the burning of fossil fuels, is the leading cause of climate change. Human activities are changing the natural greenhouse gas concentrations in the earth’s atmosphere, which is trapping more heat and causing the earth to warm. So how do technological improvements help to mitigate this?

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Monsoon makes sluggish progress, to pick up by June 17 Solar energy companies are already leading the change when it comes to combating climate change. They are already exploring some new innovations in solar power space including green hydrogen technology, efficiency-boosting, thin-film technology, advanced high-capacity batteries, and solar conservation technology. Green hydrogen […]

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