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Sophisticated Heart Failure Treatment Close to Home


The Norton Heart & Vascular Institute Advanced Heart Failure and Recovery Program is revolutionizing heart failure treatment for patients in Kentucky, Louisville and Southern Indiana. The program helps patients recover heart function and recover their lives. We use leading-edge technology to help recovery with as few nights in the hospital as possible.

Heart failure progresses through four stages . The specialists at the Advanced Heart Failure and Recovery Program have the experience and the expertise to slow the progress of your disease and sometimes help hearts regain strength. For most people, heart failure treatment requires a balance of the right medications, a low-sodium diet and fluid restrictions that can help ease symptoms. What Is the Treatment for Heart Failure?

Your heart failure treatment will continue for the rest of your life — a longer-term prospect than in the past. Medication, close monitoring and a healthy diet and regular exercise routine can manage the disease. The earlier you start treatment, the better your chance of controlling symptoms, preventing further damage to your heart and regaining heart function.

Your treatment starts with a precise diagnosis to determine how well your heart is pumping blood through your body. Blood tests, stress tests, computed tomography […]

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