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South Dakota passes an anti-trans sports bill on International Women’s Day


Gov. Kristi Noem Photo: Matt AJ/via Wikipedia The South Dakota legislature passed a bill that would ban some women from sports, and the governor claimed it honored International Women’s Day yesterday.

The state’s senate passed H.B. 1217 – which would ban transgender girls and women from school and college sports – yesterday with a 20-15 vote. There are only three Democrats in the chamber.

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The bill passed the state’s house earlier this year and is now headed to the governor’s desk. Gov. Kristi Noem (R) has already said publicly that she will sign the bill.

“In South Dakota, we’re celebrating #InternationalWomensDay by defending women’s sports!” she tweeted. “I’m excited to sign this bill very soon.” The bill is part of an “astute political strategy intended to erode the rights of trans people,” the Transformation Project Advocacy Network’s Susan Williams told them .

“If we actually wanted to help women and girls in athletics we’d be demanding equal prioritization of girls and boys sports, safeguarding against assaults perpetrated against high profile athletes and children by trusted adults, and demanding pay equity for coaches of women’s teams,” she said.“We’re not doing any […]

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