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“South Dakotans Decide Healthcare” holds press conference on Medicaid expansion


PIERRE, S.D. – South Dakota is just one of twelve states that has not yet expanded access to Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

But in November, “South Dakotans Decide Healthcare” hopes to change that.

“Everyone in South Dakota knows someone who finds themselves in this situation… Who is doing everything right, and working hard, but does not have employer sponsored health insurance,” said Zach Marcus, Spokesperson for South Dakotans Decide Healthcare.

Tuesday, the organization hosted a virtual press conference, alongside several other health activists, to explain why expanding Medicaid in South Dakota would be a net positive.

Supporters pointed to states that had expanded access, and said that rates of certain diseases there have dropped.

“So many of these (healthcare) costs could be prevented if people were able to have health insurance,” said Carissa Kemp, American Diabetes Association Government Affairs and Advocacy Director. “With health coverage, they would be better able to get the care that they need to properly manage their diabetes and stay healthy and out of the hospital. Through prevention, we can also help to reduce the costs of complications, and we can also help to prevent lost productivity in the workplace.”Opponents of Medicaid expansion, including many Republican leaders, […]

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