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#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Shortfalls in NATO’s Space Education


Space support plays a significant role in today’s military operations and governmental decision-making processes. The current technical advantage in Space allows the NATO Alliance to act more precisely, make assessments earlier based on independent data, and maximize the benefits of modern command and control. However, technical developments are ongoing worldwide and it is challenging for Alliance members to maintain their current advantage.

NATO started to incorporate Space professionals into its organization at the beginning of the last decade when initial positions were established inside the NATO Command Structure (NCS). Based on requirements and operational needs, the number of positions has increased over time but the overall number of positions that ensure persistent Space Support in NATO Operations is still limited. In parallel, NATO established the Overarching Space Policy (OSP) 1 , which then led to the declaration of Space as an operational domain for NATO. 2 The implementation of the Space domain will trigger follow-on developments that give further advice on how the Space Support structure of NATO has to evolve. This includes the author’s opinion on how and where additional Space personnel have to be assigned not only in the NATO Space organization but also in other staff […]

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