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Springfield Resurgence: Building the economy with education


As part of their plan to revitalize the Springfield economy, area economic development leaders partnered with local colleges and universities to develop a workforce that is prepared for various types of professions, including technology-related jobs.

The local education system — which created a pipeline of potential employees — combined with a strategic approach to economic development have been successful thus far, said Greater Springfield Partnership Vice President of Economic Development Horton Hobbs.

“Part of where we are today is a culmination of a very strategic approach to economic development that goes after our strengths, but then also works with our education system to provide a pipeline of future employees,” he said.

There are many segments in the economy that have cross industrial purposes across needs, Hobbs added.

“We actually map that out, and we know what positions do that and what kinds of education those individuals need, whether it’s just on the job training or it it’s a technical degree or even a four year degree, and we’re working with our colleges and universities to understand that and to help make sure that we’re equipping our workforce with agile tools,” he said.

The partnership is working on not only a state model, but a […]

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